STEMA presence responds to the dynamics of the grain trade in Mozambique and in the southern region of Africa, as we position ourselves as a platform to support cereals transit within Mozambique.

Such a support base is available to the transit of cereal to and from Southern African countries, with particular relevance to South Africa, the Republic of Zimbabwe, the Republic of Botswana and the Kingdom of Swaziland.

Having the mission of conducting business operations in domestic and international markets, we connect the SADC region to the world acting as a strategic port for import and export of cereals.

Johannesburg 585 Kms. 586 Kms.
Witbank 432 Kms. 440 Kms.
Belfast 317 Kms. 339 Kms.
Nelspruit 246 Kms. 201 kms.
Koomatiport 119 Kms. 93 Kms.
Bulawayo 1109 Kms. 1083 Kms.
Gaberone 957 Kms.  
Maseru 940 Kms. 1047 Kms.
Matsapa 207 Kms. 219 Kms.